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Wedding in Warsaw – Pałacyk Otrębusy


Joanna and Artur’s wedding was a memorable day at Palacyk Otrebusy, near Warsaw.  Pałacyk Otrębusy it is a classic and elegant wedding hall. Joanna and Artur wanted to have a 1920s-style wedding, with elements inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s movie The Great Gatsby. The photo session in such a beautiful place as Palacyk Otrębusy and with this very photogenic couple was a pleasure for me as a wedding photographer. The ceremony was held right there and then the party lasted well into the night. At this wedding, as usual, I was accompanied by my friend and amazing film maker Paweł Dąbrowski with whom it is always a pleasure to work.


Music: The XX ¨Together” for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’


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Many thanks to all the team:

Photographer:  Félix de Vega    https://www.felixdevega.com/

Filmmaker : Paweł Dąbrowski –  Analog Dreams    https://www.analogdreams.pl/

Venue:  Pałacyk Otrębusy  https://palacykotrebusy.pl/

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