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Wedding Photographer in Costa Brava  | Wedding at Hotel Roger de Flor Spain 


Very happy to have the opportunity to photograph this wedding in Costa Brava, Spain at the Roger de Flor Hotel in LLoret de Mar, a perfect location for a wedding with a Mediterranean accent. My friend and amazing wedding photographer Rosa Garrido invited me to photograph this wedding along with her. It was a beautiful wedding in which there was no shortage of attractions, from rumba catalana to Mexican mariachis, all in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

I am very happy every time I have to photograph a wedding in Spain, since it is my country of origin and I love the food, the sun and the energy of its people. The Spanish Costa Brava is a perfect location for a destination wedding, where we will always have guaranteed good weather, exquisite cuisine, and a fascinating culture full of positive energy. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Costa Brava, it will be a pleasure for me to photograph your wedding. LLoret de Mar and especially the Roger de Flor hotel are a perfect location for a wedding on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.



Angie comes from Mexico and Maikel is from Spain, they met years ago in Barcelona at the hotel where they both worked, soon they fell in love and finally decided to celebrate this wonderful wedding with their family and friends at the Hotel Roger de Mar in LLoret de Mar, on the Spanish Costa Brava. It was a wedding full of light, color, Spanish and Mexican music, where we all enjoyed a wonderful day and an incredible party on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


Getting married in Costa Brava, Spain, can be a fantastic choice. First of all because of the stunning locations: Costa Brava boasts beautiful beaches, old fishing villages, and picturesque landscapes. Whether you prefer a beach wedding or a rustic setting, you’ll find something special. Also, take into account the welcoming Atmosphere: Spain is known for its friendly people, lively parties, and delicious cuisine. Couples and guests can expect an entertaining and memorable experience. Finally it is Cost-Effective: Due to high demand, wedding costs in Spain are often more affordable than other European destinations like the UK, France, Italy, or Greece,

Costa Brava offers various wedding venues, from beachfront villas to rustic houses with gardens. Consider places like the Hotel Roger de Flor by the beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar.  A wedding at the Roger de Flor hotel is a perfect option if you are looking for an outdoor ceremony with views of the Mediterranean Sea. A charming place where your wedding guests can enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Remember to explore your options and choose a location that resonates with your vision for the perfect wedding!

Music: Antonio Gonzalez, El Pescailla –  Sabor a mi

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Many thanks to all the team, specially to Rosa Garrido who kindly invited me to be part of this amazing day.

Wedding Venue:  Hotel Roger de Flor –  LLoret de Mar,  Costa Brava,  Spain

Wedding Planner:  Malditos Liantes


Wedding Photographer in Costa Brava,  Spain |   Fotógrafo de bodas en Costa Brava |  Boda en Hotel Roger de Flor



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