About Me

I try to look at everyone with love, we all have a treasure inside. I don’t fear change, I believe life is a continuous evolution

I was born in Madrid, so I grew up in Spain. Later on I lived in England for a while and, finally, I came to Poland in 2005. My plan was to stay just for one year or two. A new place is always exciting: new culture, new friends and a lot of fresh ideas. I was then a young and curious traveler who did not really know anything about what truly matters in life. I didn’t expect much from this country and in the end it turns out that I found everything I really needed: love, happiness and development opportunities. I have to admit that it was not always easy, but now, when I hug my daughter, I know it all was worth it. Life never ceases to give us surprises! I believe everything happens for a reason, especially when it comes to the people that we are finding in our way.

Music: “Soul Rebel” by Manu Chao