humanist wedding - Dworzyszcze Wola

Humanist wedding – Dworzyszcze Wola

Humanist Wedding in Poland  | Dworzyszcze Wola


For a wedding photographer, this is a special situation when you need to photograph your friends’ wedding. Pedro and I met many years ago, when he was still living in Warsaw, and he was one of those people who you knew would be important in your life from day one. Shortly afterwards, I met his lovely fiancee Paulina and we became friends. For me it was an honor and great joy to be able to photograph their beautiful wedding at Dworzyszcze Wola.

It was a Spanish – Polish wedding, with all the colourful mix that comes with it, half of the guests were from Spain, the food and party had a distinct Spanish accent, the day was also hot, so we all felt the Spanish heat.
Paulina and Pedro celebrated their humanist wedding outdoors. This type of humanist ceremony is characterized by great freedom in writing the marriage vows, as well as a very personalized organization of the ceremony. A humanist wedding is, in my opinion, one of the most authentic ceremonies during which the bride and groom can freely express their love.

Dworzyszcze Wola Slub Wesele


What is a humanist wedding? Why is it worth choosing a humanistic ceremony?
A Humanist wedding  is the most personal form of marriage vows. It is worth remembering that a wedding in this form does not result in legal consequences, as is the case of a civil wedding. What is much more important is its social and interpersonal aspect, emotions, shared passions and the history of their love.
A humanist wedding is a celebration without a religious character, and its purpose is to express love and obligations between partners. This is a unique moment that can be tailored to your needs and values.
If you want a personal, unconventional and emotional wedding, a humanist wedding may be an excellent choice!

Music:  Dom Malin –  Yesterday´s love

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Dworzyszcze Wola is a charming place. An ideal wedding venue for organizing a humanistic outdoor wedding surrounded by nature, located only 25 minutes from the center of Krakow. If you are considering a humanist or outdoor wedding, this wedding hall near Krakow is worth considering. Here are some key information: Dworzyszcze Wola is located on a picturesque hill in Wola Więcławska. The area is surrounded by meadows and fields, and the beautiful garden is enriched with new plants every spring.
The character of the place: Brick, wood and large glazing create a warm, rustic interior. The facility consists of various spaces, including the main hall, a fireplace room, an outdoor stage, a gazebo and a covered barbecue.
If you dream of a wedding surrounded by nature, Dworzyszcze Wola may be a perfect choice.

The ceremony for Paulina and Pedro´s  wedding was held outdoors in the forest next to the wedding venue, it was a beautiful humanist ceremony where the weather was also on our side with a beautiful sunny day.



After the beautiful humanist ceremony and the photo session with the bride and groom, we celebrated the banquet and wedding party at Dworzyszcze Wola, the food was delicious, including many Spanish delicacies on the menu such as serrano ham, after which all the guests could enjoy a lively party where we danced until late into the night, it was truly a wonderful wedding and I am glad to have been able to enjoy this day with Paulina and Pedro.


© all images Félix de Vega

Many thanks to all the team that made it possible!

Wedding photographer : Félix de Vega

Wedding videographer: Paweł Dąbrowski

Venue: Sala Weselna Dworzyszcze Wola,  Krakow, Poland


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