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How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been creating beautiful memories for the couples since 2013 all around Poland and other countries in Europe.

How would you describe your style in wedding photography?

From my point of view I would say that is warm, intimate and honest. The images are romantic but not too much sweet, they are real, natural. I enjoy photographing your day without adding ingredients, just naturally, capturing all the emotions of the day as it happens. I like to document the full story during the wedding day so I consider myself also a storyteller.

What kind of weddings do you usually photograph?

I photograph all kind of weddings, from a small intimate ceremony to a large luxurious wedding, including alternative, humanistic ceremonies and lgbt+ marriages. Each wedding has a different style and its own beauty.

What would it be like to work with you on our wedding day?

I believe it’s very easy to work with me, I am a very calm and relaxed person which comes in handy during the hectic stress of the wedding, I am empathetic and helpfull, I will be close to you most of the time capturing all the beautiful moments and emotions, but you will not notice my presence excessively, I will not interfere too much on your wedding day.

What about elopements?

I love photograph elopements. Today elopements can be organized in many different ways, from intimate ceremonies in a wild place off the beaten path to slightly larger ceremonies, but they generally maintain a spirit of adventure that is always exciting and beautiful to photograph.

What advice can you give to a couple who have never posed in front of the camera?

You do not need to know how to pose, just be yourselves. During the photoshoot I will give you some very simple instructions and then we can pretend I am not there, there is no need to do anything special, just relax and enjoy your day and I will take care of the photos.

Do you work by yourself?

Usually is only me taking the photos, but at the wedding we have to collaborate several people so that everything flows properly,  the filmmaker is usually by my side working very close, in some weddings we can bring a second shutter, we also have to have constant communication with the weeding planner and her team and with the DJ or the band who continuously help us during all the events that take part at the wedding day.

How would you act in the event of an unforeseen event?

Unforeseen situations occur in many weddings, for example an unexpected rain, the ceremony will be inside instead of outside, delays, change in schedules… we are used to improvising, our experience helps us to adapt quickly.

When will we receive our photos?

The day after your wedding you will receive a small selection of about 40-50 most representative photos. The rest of the images are usually delivered between 6 and 8 weeks after the wedding, depending on the amount of work we have.

How do you deliver the photos to us?

Once the images are totally edited, we will upload the photographs to your private online gallery. You can share your gallery with your friends and family. You will get also a PIN number that allows you to download the full gallery or individual images in High Resolution or Web Optimized.

How many photos will we receive?

It depends on the type of wedding, each is different, it is not easy to say an exact number because there are many factors to take into account such as the number of guests, the number of activities planned or the type of ceremony (civil weddings are much shorter than religious ceremonies in the church). In small intimate weddings or elopements you can receive 300-400 photos, while in large luxurious weddings with many guests it can easily be more than 1000-1200 photographs. As an average we can say that the most frequent is around 700-800 photos. In any case you will receive plenty of photographs and I make sure that you have in them all the important moments and people.

Is it necessary to sign a contract?

Yes, in the contract we have all the necessary information, the schedulle of the wedding day, the addresses for the ceremony and the venue, payment terms, the delivery of photographs, cancellations policy and other important details.

Is it necessary to pay a deposit in advance?

Yes, that is the reservation fee, in order to have your wedding date reserved we need the signed contract and the payment of a deposit that is usually 20% of the price. The rest of the payment is made after the wedding.

What happens if we cancel the wedding?

In case the wedding is cancelled, the reservation payments are non-refundable. The reason of this it’s because once you book us we reserve that day exclusively for you and we turn down any other inquiry for that day.

What if you couldn't go to the wedding?

In the event that I could not attend the wedding due to force majeure, illness or accident, I undertake to organize a replacement for another Photographer representing a similar level of workshop and to waive my remuneration.

Do you need food and accomodation?

Food, yes please! during the wedding day we do need to eat, it is a long day and we need energy to work. Regarding accommodation, it depends, if the wedding is in my city (Warsaw) or surroundings, I don’t need accommodation. If the wedding is in another city in Poland, I usually need accommodation just for the wedding day. When it comes to international weddings in other countries, I may need accommodation for a couple of days.

Can we also order a photo album?

Yes, of course, we can order a beautiful photo album made with the highest quality materials, I recommend it, you will love it!

Do you do other types of photography apart from wedding photography?

My main job is weddings and that takes up almost all my time, but I also occasionally do some projects with food photography, advertising, portrait photography for companies, and occasionally sessions for families. Here you can see other of my photographic projects: https://vegastudio.pl/

Do you do also films?

Yes, I cooperate with an amazing filmmaker so we can create a beautiful wedding film for you. Click here for more information about wedding videography.

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