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What wedding theme or style to choose? Helpful tips


What wedding style to choose?

Here you are some helpful tips for choosing your perfect wedding style or theme.

Is it possible for the style to be tailored to the Bride and Groom? How to choose the right one for the most important day in your life? If you are asking yourself these and many other questions, I have some advice for you. Thanks to them you will find out what your wedding style actually is. I have no doubt that you have already heard about the most popular ones. Perhaps you have even been to a wedding where the style charmed you so much that you were speechless. However, you don’t know his name at all and it’s hard for you to find him.

How do you find that perfect style if you don’t know what to choose?

Don’t worry – I’m here to briefly introduce you to the most popular wedding venue decor styles.  I will tell you how to choose the style of the wedding so that it does not clash with your character and what you are like on a daily basis. What to look for when buying accessories or setting a leitmotif? The answer is really simple, and the execution is even more trivial. Check out what steps to take to choose the right style for your own wedding. After all, when you enter the hall that day, you want to feel like a princess in your own fairy tale.


It would seem that they are basically synonyms. We will take a closer look at them so that you know exactly what the style of the wedding is and what characterizes the theme of your event. In fact, these terms are often used interchangeably. Think about it longer and know the differences between them.
Wedding style and theme – what’s the difference?
Simply put, when we talk about the style of the wedding, we mean the overall aesthetics of the ceremony. We try to ensure that the style we choose appears in all accessories, invitations or even the planned outfit of the bride and groom. The leitmotif is a characteristic, distinctive element that binds all parts of the wedding and reception together. It can be, for example, the theme of travel, series or your passion. First of all, it should match the overall style of the wedding. At the same time, this strong guiding current should be an inseparable part of future spouses. In this way, you will get to know your guests even better and you will be able to present your love story in a more creative way.

What is the difference between a wedding theme and a style? It's not so obvious

Choose the style of your wedding from 4 top trends. 
Proven solutions usually turn out to be the best. It is no different when you choose the style for your dream wedding. Undoubtedly, the entire organization of a wedding is a real experience and often a stressful experience. Although you have a lot on your mind, it is worth spending at least a moment choosing the style in which you will organize this once in your life day. This is important primarily for one reason. The style of the wedding should be reflected not only in the decoration of the hall. It should also appear in church decorations, additions to the bride’s outfit or all wedding stationery. To make it easier for you to decide, I have prepared a list of top suggestions for wedding decor. Discover the most popular wedding styles that have reigned at weddings in recent years:

Boho Style

BOHO STYLE – this style will be loved by everyone who appreciates natural, green and delicate sets of decorations. Compositions in this style are often intertwined with greenery and wood to make the whole look even more subtle. If the combination of lace white associated with a wedding and seemingly inconsistent and random elements is your dream – be sure to take a closer look at this style.

GLAMOUR STYLE – will be a great choice if you love style, glamor and elegance. It will be perfect for palace interiors, adding a meaningful character to the event. The combination of silver and gold accessories with beautiful purple, navy blue or green will perfectly emphasize the aristocratic style of your dream party. In this style you will definitely feel like a real princess.

Glamour Style

Classic Style

CLASSIC STYLE – this is a very simple and by far the most popular style. Practically everyone will like it, thanks to its timelessness. It is distinguished by minimalism and lack of splendor. It can be said that its greatest advantage is the lack of specific distinguishing features. It’s neutral and works great if you don’t have a specific style. A simple wedding dress, uncomplicated hairstyle and lack of too much glitter in jewelry will be great additions to complete the whole.

MINIMALIST STYLE – if you follow the rule “less is more” on a daily basis, then this style should definitely appear at your wedding. Don’t be afraid that your event will be bland and won’t charm anyone. You will see that the effect will exceed your expectations! The combination of classic colors with white, no unnecessary additions and delicacy in every detail. Doesn’t that sound like a dream wedding?

Of course, there are many more wedding styles. However, I don’t want to overwhelm you with this topic too much, so I have chosen the main and dominant weddings in recent years. Get inspired and feel really at ease at your own wedding.

Minimalist Style

“What’s too much is unhealthy” – briefly about why it’s not worth living several styles at one wedding.

Arranging the entire wedding in a coherent and organized manner is quite a challenge. After all, you need to combine not only the appearance of the hall, but also the church. In addition, the nature of your dress or groom’s suit is also important here. So how do you choose the right style for your wedding? I’ll tell you one way to avoid failing. Start by choosing just one style. Let it be the one of your dreams, the one and only. Don’t mix several of them. Combining boho accessories with a glamor room can end in tragedy. You will achieve a similar effect when you match the beautiful wooden room with elegant accessories in gold and silver. With your own eyes of imagination, you can see that it would not fit together at all.
Sometimes less is more.
Combining wedding styles to get the desired effect very often leads to failure. As the future bride and groom, you have so many choices that you can’t decide. Then you just choose a few, because the more, the better. Am I not right? However, I would advise you to keep maximum moderation in excessive mixing of different styles. Staying with only one main trend will make everyone feel great at your wedding. First of all, you won’t feel overwhelmed. Let the hall, the church, and all the additions you choose to be just an addition. So how do you already know what style to arrange your wedding?

This is a unique opportunity for you to show everyone your style.
Sometimes, being at weddings, I unfortunately meet with the fact that a given style is completely not suited to the bride and groom. How is that possible, you ask. Well, young people, unfortunately, strongly suggest the opinion of everyone around them and do not take into account their own preferences and tastes. It is very important to be guided by intuition and simply what we like and like. Unfortunately, there is not always time to talk about the “wedding style” in the rush of wedding duties. After all, there are so many more important things that no one bothers about the little things. Do you love natural climates? Arrange your wedding in boho style. Show that the combination of wood and greenery will give a unique effect. Or maybe you are definitely in love with a fairy-tale glamor atmosphere? Go this way.

One thing is certain – acting in accordance with your own preferences, there is no question of failure. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Or maybe you don’t like any of these styles? I have a great advice here. You can choose something that connects both of you and is associated only with you. Here are some examples: favorite movie, character or shared passion? Try to weave these elements into the whole style of the wedding. In this way, you will create a completely unique decor! You will definitely stand out, and guests will remember the perfect wedding for many months. Sometimes it’s really worth breaking out of the crowd!

A stylish wedding

A stylish wedding to the taste of the bride and groom.
What is a stylish wedding? How to choose the right wedding style so as not to regret it later? Is the whole selection of wedding accessories and setting really that important? Certainly, after reading my tips, you can already answer the above questions. You know the most popular styles that have been reigning at Polish weddings for years. In addition, you have already learned why mixing styles is not necessarily a procedure that will bring the expected effect. My final piece of advice at the end is simple. Trust your intuition, do what you like and show yourself in the decor. Do not try to force disguise or turn the hall into a palace banquet hall for unimaginable money. Unless that’s what you want, nothing really stands in the way. Let the whole decor be consistent with you. Let it show what’s in your heart. It’s your wedding and it’s worth remembering it for the rest of your life.

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