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Luxurious wedding near Warsaw – Dwór Złotopolska Dolina

The luxurious wedding of Agnieszka and Jarek took place in a luxurious wedding venue near Warsaw: Dwór Złotopolska Dolina. It was a beautiful wedding in an elegant and luxurious style with an Italian accent, which -of course – included the best prosecco! because both Agnieszka and Jarek are in love with Italy, its culture and cuisine. Dwór Złotopolska Dolina is an elegant wedding venue, which is ideal for luxurious weddings, and additionally has the advantage of being located very close to Warsaw.


What is a Luxury Wedding?

More and more couples are looking for an elegant luxury wedding. You don’t have to be a celebrity to organize such a wedding. A luxury wedding needs someone to advise and help design, plan and coordinate the entire event. These are complex events that require a professional wedding planner.  You need to look for a truly exclusive wedding venue that will allow you to personalize your wedding as much as possible. The more original and elegant, the better. It is very popular to organize them in small palaces and in Poland there are plenty of them like for example this elegant venue Dwór Złotopolska Dolina, that is very close to Warsaw.
Invitations, menus, thank you cards, and all stationery must be of the same design and made of good quality materials. What really sets an elegant luxury wedding apart from a simple wedding is the attention to detail, especially the smallest ones.
The food must be prepared with high quality raw materials, seasonal, simple and very well prepared. Also pay attention to the drinks that are served throughout the wedding. Ideally, you should ask your food service provider for advice on the type of drinks that go best with the food you are serving.
Choose the best wedding photographer and videographer who are true professionals. This means not only that they take beautiful photos and excellent videos, but also that they know how to work discreetly during the wedding without disrupting the ceremony or reception and not disturbing you or your guests.
Something that defines a luxury wedding is the care with which the music is chosen. Both the songs to be played and the musicians or DJs who interpret them. I recommend choosing the best professionals.
It is important that the decoration is elegant, but not overly overloaded.  Colors are also important in creating a luxurious environment. Some shades that are usually associated with luxury are whites, beiges, champagne, the options are many. Other aspects that should be taken into account are the lighting of the room, as well as the decoration of tables, tableware, tablecloths, glass.
Also flower and plant decorations, I recommend hiring a good florist.

Music: Rod Stewart  – I got you under my skin

Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Europewesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina

Choosing a Photographer for a Luxury Wedding

Choosing a photographer for a luxury wedding is an important decision that will affect the memory of this special day. There are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. First of all, it is worth paying attention to his portfolio and style of photography, which should meet our expectations and taste. A luxury event wedding photographer should be an experienced professional with a unique aesthetic sense who knows how to capture all the moments of your precious wedding. He must also be a wedding photographer with good manners. Communication skills of the photographer and general chemistry between us and the photographer are also important. When choosing a photographer, it is also worth paying attention to the price of the service, which should be adequate to the quality of the photos and the experience of the photographer.
It is worth talking to the photographer in advance and describing your vision and style of the wedding to avoid misunderstandings and be satisfied with the final results.

Here you can see some beautiful photos from the lovely wedding of Agnieszka and Jarek in Dwór Złotopolska Dolina,  an elegant wedding venue close to Warsaw:

Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luksusowe-wesele-fotograf Luxury-Wedding-Photography-EuropeLuxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luksusowe-wesele-fotografLuxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe

Tips for organizing your beautiful Luxury Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in the life of every couple. It is a time when we celebrate the love and relationship of two people in front of family and friends. Some dream of a modest and intimate party, others of a grand and lavish banquet. If you belong to the latter group and want to organize a luxurious wedding that will delight all guests, you need to take care of several key elements.

First – choose the right location. A luxurious wedding requires an original scenery and a high standard of service. You can choose an elegant hotel like Agnieszka and Jarek did choosing the elegant venue of Dwór Złotopolska Dolina, you can choose a palace or mansion with history and charm. The surroundings are also important – a beautiful garden, park or lake or mountain view will add romance and class to your ceremony.

Second – plan the decoration of the hall and tables. A luxurious wedding doesn’t have to be lavish and kitschy. Bet on simplicity and elegance – white tablecloths, glass dishes, silver cutlery and candlesticks. Don’t forget about flowers – they are an inseparable element of every wedding. Choose those in delicate colors or subdued green – pink roses, white lilies or eucalyptus will suit any style. You can also opt for exotic flowers or potted plants for a change.

Third – ask about the menu and drinks. A luxurious wedding cannot do without delicious food and good alcohol. Instead of traditional wedding dishes, you can offer your guests something exquisite and original – e.g. shrimps with mango sauce, sirloin steak or avocado salad. For this, serve champagne or high-quality wine and fruit or alcoholic cocktails.

Fourth – think about attractions for guests. A luxurious wedding doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. You can invite a professional DJ or music band that will guarantee good fun on the dance floor. Or maybe you want to surprise your guests with a fireworks show or a chocolate fountain?

A luxurious wedding is the dream of many couples. If you want to meet them, you need to prepare well and take care of every detail. But remember that the most important thing is love!

Luxury-Wedding-Photography-EuropeLuxury-Wedding-Photography-Europe Luksusowe-wesele-fotograf wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolinawesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina luxury-wedding-photographer-polandluxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe Luksusowe-wesele-fotograf sala-weselna-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe luxury-wedding-photographer-Europe wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina wesele-dwor-zlotopolska-dolina


© all images Félix de Vega

Wedding Photographer:  Félix de Vega

Wedding filmmaker: Paweł Dąbrowski – Analog Dreams

Wedding Venue: Dwór Złotopolska Dolina,  Warsaw, Poland



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