Guide to choosing the right Wedding Planner


5 reasons why it´s worth to hire a wedding planner

Here you are a guide to choosing the best wedding planner for your wedding.

Have you heard of a wedding planner, but never found out what she actually does at a wedding? Are you wondering if it is even worth hiring such a person and paying extra money for something that you can basically do yourself? Will the wedding assistant be able to help you and meet your expectations?
The wedding planner institution was created to organize dream weddings. Her experience, competence and help are invaluable in stressful wedding preparations. See for yourself how many functions a wedding planner has.   In what activities is it irreplaceable and what can it bring to your wedding preparations? Just check out 5 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner and enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

1. You save valuable time.

Forget about sleepless nights due to stress. Stop tearing your hair out looking for extra hours to prepare your wedding. Unfortunately, the day cannot be extended, and apart from the fact that you have to prepare the wedding, you also have to work and function in any way. Yes, your future husband is involved in all these preparations, but he has a consultative rather than an executive function. So how can you help yourself during this stressful time? Is it possible to be in two places at the same time and organize your dream wedding efficiently?

Time saving and better organization at your fingertips
You can save time, focus on expectations and never be on time again. Your wedding planner will help you with this. How is this possible? I will explain. Well, the wedding planner, due to her many years of experience, knows the best websites with invitations, accessories or decorations that you need for your wedding. In addition, she certainly has a list of proven contractors from which you will choose the best ones like a child in a toy store. And any choice will be good! In this way, you will not spend hundreds of hours digging through comments, opinions and looking for the best solutions. You will get everything served as if on a golden platter. Another aspect that will undoubtedly save you time will be taking care of many things without your participation. The assistant will go to meetings, talk and work out the details. You will have to accept her ideas and … that’s it!
By hiring a wedding planner, you can count on verified databases regarding every aspect of your wedding. In a word, the wedding planner has a recipe for a successful wedding, and you can follow it step by step until your dream wedding day with your beloved.

Tell yourself… wouldn’t you like to be in possession of a list of the best selected service providers for your wedding as if by magic? You would only choose from the best. You wouldn’t have to worry about whether a band could sing at all. You would stop wondering if the music played by the DJ will be suitable for dancing and will appeal to all invited guests. Choosing a florist who will understand your vision and decorate the room at the right level would cease to be a problem. All this will guarantee you the employment of a professional wedding organizer.

Bet on proven service providers of your wedding planner.
The wedding planner has a list of contractors who have been cooperating with her for years. He can introduce you to bands that will play what you like. He will show you photographers who will capture fleeting moments and organize such additional attractions at the wedding that your guests will definitely not be bored. Ensuring such inner peace will definitely improve your well-being during the preparations for the wedding. It will reduce unnecessary stress, and perhaps you will even find a moment to go on a date with your beloved instead of sitting over pages with opinions?

2. You use a proven list of service providers.

Preparations for the wedding and reception do not have to and should not be chaotic. Unfortunately, even the best organization and masterful skills of searching for gems will not replace a proven list of people responsible for fun, attractions and complementing your wedding. Do you want to be sure of the choice of service providers? Everything is possible with a wedding planner.

3. You don't worry about every organizational aspect of the wedding.

Sometimes you have thoughts that tell you that you forgot something, but you can’t remember what it was. You say to yourself – it’s impossible, it’s not possible. Well, nothing could be more wrong! That is why the institution of a wedding planner exists, so that you can rely on it. Even when it seems to you that everything has already been buttoned up, your private assistant will remind you of what you may have missed.
You can’t handle everything alone.
Even the most organized and organized people, when the moment of their wedding and wedding reception comes, they can completely lose their heads about this matter. This is not just a to-do that you tick off your list and you’re done. It’s perfectly normal to feel emotions. You think about some things for too long because you want to make sure that everything will be buttoned up to the last detail. Unfortunately, in the heat of emotions, duties and everyday life, you inevitably miss some organizational elements.

The wedding planner is doing her job. She approaches the organization of the wedding very professionally. Thanks to the fact that she is not emotionally involved in the matter, she can make decisions more easily and look at the matter rationally. It not only streamlines the entire decision-making process, but also makes sure that nothing escapes your attention. Such a person is invaluable support!

Can I really get better prices by using a wedding planner? When organizing a wedding on my own, can I not expect discounts or discounts for the Bride and Groom? The question of money always evokes the most emotions. Especially if you can save money and spend the saved money on, for example, a honeymoon? Your wedding planner will make sure that you get the best prices from service providers. How will she do it?

4. You benefit from discounts and rebates on services.

The wedding assistant does not reveal her secrets.
Therefore, do not try to ask about ways to get lower prices. As a rule, your wedding planner is not only a great negotiator. In addition, she can guarantee a potential photographer or DJ that she will recommend them to other young couples. In this way, it ensures the continuity of performances, and thus allows the calendar to be filled for the next two and sometimes three seasons. Advertising is a lever of trade and every wedding service provider is aware of it.
The cooperation of a photographer, a wedding DJ and, for example, a wedding planner gives each of them really measurable benefits. They can negotiate much better prices with each other, which will benefit you and your husband. It is not worth overpaying and looking for other service providers. You will receive everything from your wedding planner, and you will only have to choose the best of the best

5. Seating guests? Appropriate add-ons? A wedding planner will help with everything

No more worrying about whether uncle can be seated next to aunty. Enough of the growing pretensions of the invited guests. If you worry about everything a little longer, your head is about to explode! No more thinking about how to seat your guests, where to organize the best accessories and what attractions should be at your wedding. Just tell the wedding planner what you expect and watch your dream of a perfect wedding come true.

Is it really possible for a wedding planner to take care of it for you?
After all, it’s her job. She deals with professionally finishing weddings to the last detail. Nothing is a problem for such a person, and he solves every obstacle without the slightest difficulty. After conducting an initial interview with you, she will know who would definitely like to have a table together and who would be better seated separately. He will advise on the arrangement of tables in the room, the location of the DJ and individual attractions. He will arrange everything and make sure that everyone feels just perfect on that day.

You definitely want your wedding to be great. For people to have fun on it, and everyone would remember them for years. That is why you are also wondering what attractions are worth preparing for the guests who have arrived. In this vortex, however, it is worth overdoing it. Too many attractions will make you miss the guests on the dance floor. It may also happen that there will be attractions that will not interest anyone. How to fix it? The wedding planner will analyze the nature of the event, age groups from your wedding and ask for a description of the invited guests. I will offer you a few attractions that can be organized and will certainly not burden your budget. He will advise which attractions may be interesting and which should be abandoned.

It is not worth exhausting yourself when organizing a wedding. While your future husband, parents and loved ones will certainly try to support you in the preparations, they have no experience in many matters. For some, it will be the first such important wedding in the family. In addition, each of you has expectations related to this event, and therefore approaches the matter in an emotional way. I do not want to say here that organizing a wedding without a wedding planner is not possible. It is definitely doable!

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?
This is the key question for which there is probably only one answer: to be able to prepare your dream wedding stress-free. Even if someone thinks that a wedding is not a big event for them, they subconsciously worry about all the organizational aspects. In addition, you are obliged to look for service providers, proven wedding clothing stores, good stationery. There is a lot of work, and you can’t take a vacation while organizing your wedding.

Let yourself have a dream-like day thanks to the wedding planner

A wedding planner is basically an invaluable person who not only makes sure that everything is buttoned up. In addition, it can provide you with the best photographers, DJs, florists who will additionally offer their services at sensational prices. In addition, she will take care of all negotiations, go to various meetings and call to organize animations, flowers or even transport of guests. You will see for yourself that with such a person by your side, preparing the wedding of your dreams will be simple and pleasant!

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